Our Team

David Deveau – President


Riverside strives to be a leader both in the seafood industry and in our community. We pride ourselves in producing a high quality ready to eat and raw product. Our facility is state of the art and our trained employees ensure that all processing steps are carried out safely and accurately monitored. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all employees and management staff here at Riverside. Their continued commitment and dedication is revealed through the exceptional quality of our products.


• Lionel LeBlanc – Plant manager

• Frank Anderson – Corporate Affairs

• Amy Tufts - Human Resources

• Jennifer Saulnier - Quality Control Manager

• Vanessa Comeau- QA assistants

• Jenette Short - QA assistants

• Brenda McCarthy - QA assistants

• Tanya Saulnier – Lab Technician

• Gaetane Theriault

• Laura Boudreau

• Henriette van de Weijer

• Adam Trask

• Serge McCauley

• Ronald Saulnier - Logistics and Pound Manager

• Anthony Leblanc

• Greg Eng

• Machiel Jumelet

• Daniel Saulnier

• Renald Comeau

• Mitchell Hicks

• Corrine Theriault

• Paul Trimm

• Darnell LeBlanc

• James Sampson

• Tisha Dolliver (Assistant Supervisor)

• Steve Huston (Assistant Supervisor)

• Donald Robicheau (Assistant Supervisor)