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Riverside Lobster International Inc. has been a well-known live lobster exporter worldwide since the mid 1990’s and is located in Meteghan River, Nova Scotia, Canada. We are situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, more specifically known as St. Mary’s Bay. This area is very well known for its black, hard shell, quality live lobster (homarus americanus) which is why it is sought after worldwide. At Riverside Lobster International Inc. we recognize that our future is measured by the success of our customers; therefore, we take great pride in providing our customers with a top quality product.

White Lobster BoatIn a market that is always changing and to provide our customers with more product choices, we purchased another facility in 2009. We are proud to say we can now supply our customers with frozen cooked lobster meat, whole cooked lobster and frozen raw lobster tails. Our processing facility is equipped with state of the art machinery to help ensure our products are of premium quality. In 2016, we implemented High Pressure Processing technology, which has tremendously enhanced the quality and value of our products. As you can see, we are always looking of ways to expand in the seafood industry and provide our customers with superior, quality product.

At Riverside Lobster International Inc. we have a very experienced team who dedicate many long hours to making sure the customer’s experience is a great one. Please feel free to visit the “Our Team” section of our website to learn more about our team. You will also see the owner of Riverside Lobster International Inc., David Deveau, who has owned and operated our facility since commencement.

Buy with confidence, let Riverside Lobster International Inc. supply you with your live and frozen lobster needs. You’ll be glad you did.

We are proud to be part of a sustainable industry. We believe that the future of the fishing industry depends on everyone doing their part! Riverside Lobster International Inc. is fluent in both English and French to assist you better.

Assistance bilingue, anglais et français.

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